Africa offers an extraordinary range of decors that will give your projects a high creative added value.
Senegal, where our main platform is based, is one of its magnificent reserves where you will find a diversity of atmospheres, many sublime natural sceneries, as well as its architecture and urbanism combining modernity and tradition.

Rich of its cultures and its different ethnic groups but also of the presence of a cosmopolitan population coming from all over the world, Senegal offers a very large portfolio of models allowing the realization of audiovisual and cinematographic projects for a local, sub-regional and international influence.

Hotel, Transport & Security

The continent of the future is developing exponentially. Its infrastructure and architecture, increasingly oriented towards a modernism, contribute to the success of world-class events. The country attracts many tourists, investors and companies from all over the world. Senegal is also one of the examples often cited for its famous Teranga (its hospitality) as well as its peace and lasting stability.

Technical equipment

Our material resources: machinery and lighting have already proven their worth on many shoots and are reinforced by our partnership with the Panavision group.

Panavision Representative

Since 2017, Oxygen Africa is the exclusive representative of Panavision and Panalux for the whole West and Central Africa area. For all your needs in cameras and lights, contact us.

African structure of audiovisual production to international standards. Based in Senegal, with productions in Africa, Europe and South West Asia to our credit